Where is Black Panther's Museum of Great Britain?

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you haven't seen Black Panther yet you should stop reading this and buy a ticket. Not just because it's a brilliant film, but also because we're getting into a few minor spoilers you may want to avoid for the time being.

Are they gone? Ok, great.

Watching Black Panther you'll have noticed that one scene takes place at the 'Museum of Great Britain', involving Killmonger and Klaue stealing a Wakandan axe that nobody else has realised is made from pure vibanium. Most of you probably realised that the Museum of Great Britain doesn't actually exist, in London or anywhere else, as if the CG-ed background didn't make that obvious enough. So where is it?

Surprisingly the building used to represent the fictional museum isn't even in the UK, it's the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Based on all the reports it seems as though filming never went anywhere near London or Britain, and there are set photos confirming Andy Serkis filmed the exterior shots with the ambulance in the Georgian state capital.

Image: Josh Hallett/Flickr

So why did Marvel choose to make up a museum instead of using a real, and well known institution? Well there's the chance that the museums will have turned down the opportunity to be in the film, and avoid being associated with plundered African artefacts. Though it wouldn't be the first time a big museum has been accused of displaying artefacts plundered by colonial forces.

The more likely reason is that this part of the film only comprises of a single scene with three different shots. There's the exterior of the museum entrance, the interior (which, frankly, could have been filmed on a sound stage), and the get away. In total it's about five minutes of screen time, and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to organise a shoot overseas for such a small and insignificant amount of footage. Not when you can fake it in the city where most of your other filming is taking place.

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