Whoops! Virgin Media's Been Caught With Piracy Software in One of its Stores

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know about Virgin Media, the telecoms giant that offers all sorts of things - including television services. While there are plenty of things you can get from the company, the TV bit is especially relevant today because one of its stores has caused a bit of a snafu. All because someone spotted notifications from a piece of piracy software as they were passing by.

A now deleted Reddit post featured the following image, featuring a notification from Terrarium TV announcing the arrival of films The Star and The Stray:

Image via TorrentFreak

If you don't know about Terrarium TV, then let me explain. It's one of those streaming apps available for all sorts of features built in - specifically the ability to stream and download free films and TV shows. Naturally its appearance on a TV in a Virgin media shop is a bit troubling, though it's unlikely that Virgin itself would have had it installed. After all they make some of their money with premium TV subscriptions, and piracy is likely to make some impact on its bottom line. No doubt the app was installed by a member of staff with access, or a member of the public when no one was looking.

TorrentFreak points out that while the notification is embarrassing in itself, Virgin Media is one of many ISPs compelled to block pirate sites in Ireland (where this store seems to be, based on the whole price-in-Euros- thing) thanks to a court order. Terrarium's sources aren't covered, but it still doesn't look good for the company.

Virgin also released a statement to TorrentFreak, making it clear that the company does not condone illegal streaming:

“Virgin Media takes copyright very seriously and does not condone illegal streaming.

Our new Tallaght Store is due to officially open later this month and currently does not currently have Virgin Media network connectivity.

Over the weekend, an advertising screen display in this Store was being set up by a contractor.

The contractor took it on themselves to use their own 4G device to set up the screen, ahead of the store being connected to our fibre services this week.

At some stage, an unwanted pop-up appeared on the screen from an illegal streaming site. To be clear, this did not come in through our network.

Other than as outlined above, this occurrence has no connection whatsoever with Virgin Media.

This is an entirely isolated matter and we are thoroughly investigating how it happened.”

They reached out to the initial Reddit poster, but have not heard back. The original post seems to have been removed in the time since it was first spotted as well, for reasons currently unknown. [TorrentFreak]

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