Women Charged an Extra 50p Romance Tax to Celebrate Compulsory Love Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

That miserable day in February when you have to pretend you're doing more than barely tolerating your partner for living cost reasons is more of a rip off for women than men, with shoppers horrified to find Valentine cards aimed at women being sold at a higher price than those that men are societally obliged to buy.

The supposed psychology behind this is that women are keener to spend money on declaring their love than men, hence a miniature outrage in several branches of Sainsbury's where virtually identical wife/husband versions of cards were asking men to pay £2 and women to pay £2.50.

Sainsbury's is obviously sorry about this pricing, ahem, mishap, and has promised to sell both sets of cards for £2 from now on, as the last thing it needs is women chaining themselves to the automatic doors in protest, as it's important to keep the cold air out at this time of year to stop the fresh flowers perishing. [BBC]