Yorkshire's 48-Year-Old Coal Power Station Closes This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The East Yorkshire power station of Eggborough is to close this year, and there's no 250,000-year clean up plan needed as it was one of the last 100 per cent coal units in the country. All they have to do is turn it off, detonate the towers, then there's a nice bit of brownfield for terrible flats.

Brought online way back in the year 1970, Eggborough has the ability to supply up to five per cent of the nation's electricity needs when running at full pelt. But the government has not agreed any funding for the plant under the capacity market contract system beyond September of this year, so that's when the coal deliveries will stop and the fires will go out, leaving around 200 people out of work.

It's had a good innings, mind, as it was only supposed to run for 25 years -- but has been a right loyal little northern powerhouse for a staggering 48 years, so it's about time that poor man who does all the coal shovelling is handed a clock, a certificate and a pension, and we can all feast our gadgets on lovely nuclear electricity instead. [Sky News]

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