You Could Win the Chance to Own the World's Most Expensive Jar of Marmite

By Tom Pritchard on at

The old saying goes that you can't be indifferent to Marmite, you either have to love it or despise it. It's a saying that became popular with terrible people to somehow justify their terrible behaviour, but now you could probably relate it to something else.

Someone's created the world's most expensive jar of Marmite, and I'd wager most people either think this is a brilliant idea or the dumbest thing they've heard of all year. You see the jar has been plated with 18 caret gold, and then engraved to resemble the iconic jar of brown spread.

The lid too, though I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually have Marmite inside.

Made by the Engravers Guild of London, the jar weighs 480 grams and has been valued at around £1,500 by Boningtons Auctioneers. The jar itself is one of the 250 gram-sized pots, in case you were wondering. That's usually enough Marmite to last three or four years, or at least it is for me.

The good news is that the jar wasn't just made to be marketing stunt. Well it was, but it's not going to be stuffed in a box to gather dust in the Unilever archives. Instead it's being given away to someone willing to download AR treasure hunting app Snatch. That competition is running from today until Sunday (11th February) to give one person the chance to own the expensive jar for themselves. Or own it for five minutes, and then promptly put it on eBay.

For those who don't win the jar, there are other prizes too. 1,000 personalised jars of Marmite are available this week, and if you have money lying around you can buy a jar with a gold plated lid for £145.

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