YouTube Red Will be Expanding to More Countries

By Tom Pritchard on at

YouTube Red launched in the US back in October 2015, and in the following couple of years it basically stayed that way. Over the next year or so it expanded to Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea, but after December 2016 it just stopped - much to the frustration of anyone who wants to take advantage of the service here in the UK.

The good news is that YouTube plans to expand Red subscriptions to 100 more countries, according to chief executive Susan Wojcicki, though the timeframe is still being kept secret.

In case you haven't heard, YouTube Red is $10-a-month subscription service that lets users enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience, offers background listening on mobile, and unlocks premium video content that falls under the YouTube Red Originals banner. Also included in that price is unlimited ad-free streaming on Google Play All Access, Google's own Spotify competitor.

Naturally YouTube has been keen to sign up YouTube celebrities to increase the amount of original content for Red subscribers. Though given the controversy surrounding some of the biggest names (Like PewDiePie and Logan Paul), the service itself has come under fire for seemingly supporting their bad behaviour. Considering Google and YouTube are mostly reliant on advertising to bring in money, it's only a matter of time before advertisers have enough and start making threats - Unilever style.

Maybe we'll start seeing more proper original content from the entertainment industry, rather than vloggers, similar to what Amazon and Netflix have been doing for years. With an expansion across the world on the cards, that would certainly be one way to bring in more subscribers.

Hopefully those 100 countries will include the UK, letting us skip all those 20+ minute adverts that are actually recordings of kids playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and GTA V. [TechCrunch]

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