1p and 2p Coins Saved From the Smelter... For Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

The opinion maelstrom that formed when the possibility of our precious money being changed has been calmed by the government, which says there's no current plan to remove the 1p and 2p from circulation so can everyone stop crying and hoarding the things even more than usual.

The crisis arose earlier in the week, when the Chancellor opened a consultation into What To Do? about the future of cash in these digital times. One of the options was to investigate public appetite for binning the 1p and 2p, seeing as they're a bit of a pain and lots of people save them in buckets and bottles in the belief they'll be rich from it one day; only to end up with £5.67 in loose change per decade. Which isn't much use as a pension and it costs a lot to endlessly put more coins back into circulation.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of the PM's office reassured the public that its angry mass voice has been heard, saying: "There are no proposals to scrap 1p or 2p coins in the consultation that HMT issued yesterday. The call for evidence is simply intended to enable the Government to better understand the role of cash and digital payments in the new economy. One thing HMT were seeking views on was whether the current denominational mix of coins meets the public's needs, and from the early reaction it looks as if it does."

Which appears to be a rare case of public uproar actually making a difference for once. Unless you hate dirty old copper coins, in which case you may continue binning them or saving them up to throw at footballers. [Sky News]