24,000 Mile of Roads Need Their Potholes Filling

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's not just you and your neighbours that feel like their part of the world is falling apart due to the spread of potholes — it's everyone, everywhere. That's what the fantastically named Asphalt Industry Alliance says, which has surveyed all of our councils and found that some 24,000 miles of road need fixing up after the winter peeled the layers of tarmac away like rotten onion skin.

The RAC says some of the Vehicle Excise Duty money should go to repairing the nation's smaller roads, although it's unlikely to do much to fix things up in the short term as the AIA says the country needs a £9.31 billion injection above and beyond current road budgets to get all the road surfaces smoothed out and nice again.

The AIA's Rick Green knows that's unlikely to appear, though, saying: "We accept that there is no magic wand to wave, nor is there a bottomless pot of money to tap into. There are difficult choices to be made at both local and national level but the government needs to provide adequate funding for a well maintained and safe local road network if it wants to support communities and drive economic growth." [RAC via Cycling Weekly]