A Limited Number of 26-30 'Millennial' Railcards Go on Sale Tomorrow

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last year the government announced it would be launching a new 'millennial' rail card for people between the ages of 26 and 30 - netting them a third off rail fairs up and down the country. A trial version launched last December for people living in East Anglia, but now it's opening up to everyone within that age bracket.

The downside here is that only 10,000 cards are going to be available tomorrow because this is another 'test run'. That means you're going to have to be quick if you want to get your hands on one, since there are apparently five million eligible people in the UK. So naturally there's going to be a bit of competition.

Unlike the 16-25 railcard, the 26-30 railcard won't be available as a physical card you can accidentally leave at home. Instead it's a digital-only deal, living inside its own dedicated smartphone app. That means you might want to carry a charger around with you, just in case your phone dies and the ticket inspector doesn't buy the old "no battery" excuse.

The 26-30 railcard costs £30, and can only be purchased in annual increments. That means there's no buying a three year card the day before your 31st birthday and saving a bunch of money. 30 year olds can still buy the year-long card for themselves, provided they apply before their 31st birthday.

Simply head over to the 26-30 railcard website tomorrow to try and grab one for yourself. You don't need to panic if you miss out or are too old, either, since there are plenty of other railcards available to discount your travel - provided you match the criteria.

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