Amazon May Soon Stop Selling Google's Nest Thermostats

By Dave Meikleham on at

Fight! Fight! Fight! The ongoing seismic (yet somehow, undeniably petty) tit-for-tat scuffle between Amazon and Google continues to rumble on. Recent rumours suggest the online retailer will soon stop selling the Big G's line of Nest products.

Image: Nest

Nest, which primarily makes smart thermostats for homes, was bought by Google for around $3.2 million back in 2014. Considering the fractious relationship between the two behemoths, news that Amazon may stop stocking Nest appliances is hardly a shocker.

The report comes from Business Insider, with the site claiming Amazon informed Nest it would stop listing the firm's products late last year. Amazon already has previous when it comes to removing Google-affiliated items from sale. Google Home and Chromecast were both kicked to the curb to ensure they didn't eat into the sales of Amazon's Fire TV streaming sticks and Echo speakers.

You can still buy a range of Nest products over at Amazon UK – like this table bracket stand thermostat – but if Business Insider is on the nose with its reporting, that probably won't be the case for much longer. 

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean third-party Amazon sellers won't still try and hock Nest products through the site.

With the Beast from the East continuing to rage on, I really wish I had some sort of smart device to effectively regulate the temperature in my friggin' freezing flat.

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