Amazon Sent Us A Chocolate Echo For Some Reason

By James O Malley on at

One of the weirder things about being a technology journalist is that occasionally, PR people will send you stuff unsolicited, in a bid for some free coverage of their brand. 99% of the time, this never works. But, annoyingly, Amazon has managed to break through my cynicism with chocolate.

That's right - it's a life-size chocolate version of the second generation Amazon Echo. And, well, it's actually rather impressive, in terms of its craft - and looks very life-like. Or at least, as life-like as chocolate can get.

I'm not sure if it is hollow or solid chocolate yet, but this is definitely something I am willing to do extensive investigative journalism in order to find out.

So why has Amazon sent it? Honestly, I'm not sure, especially given my well known opinions about The Grand Tour, but it appears to be ostensibly a bid to promote the fact that Amazon is selling stuff over Easter. That's right: It turns out there's a website called Amazon, and they want you to know you can buy stuff there.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some important investigative journalism to be getting on with.