Amazon's Easter Sale Starts on 19th March

By Tom Pritchard on at

It feels like Amazon has more sales than DFS, with every possible special day or time-period coming with discounts on stuff - even if they only apply to Echos and other Amazon-made devices. Easter is no exception, and the retail giant has confirmed that its sale starts on 19th March.

Well the sale proper begins on 19th March, but Amazon being Amazon it can't help but have a 'pre-sale' that's already live on-site. Things like Easter chocolate, TVs, booze, and home electronics have already had their prices slashed - just don't expect them to still be there tomorrow. They're being labelled as daily deals for a reason.

I'm assuming that the serious deals are being saved for the big sale, but if you see a bargain now there's no harm in grabbing it while you can. If something better becomes available you can always just send it back.

Prime members (including those using a trial, apparently) will also get access to the usual 'lightning deals', which means that you can save some serious cash if you're on the ball.

The big deals for the main sale haven't been revealed yet, and they likely won't be until it begins in Monday, but we'll be keeping an eye out for anything particularly noteworthy that needs your attention, What you can bet on, however, is that Amazon will be discounting its own tech to entice you into buying - which means the Echo Dot will probably be back down to £35 for most of next week. [Amazon via Pocket Lint]

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