Apple Seemingly Predicted its HQ's Glass Wall Problem in an iPhone X Advert

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you've been paying attention to all news Apple-related, you'll have no doubt heard about employees who've had to go to hospital because they keep walking into random panes of glass in the company's new headquarters. As it turns out, Apple itself kind-of, sort-of predicted that issue in an early advert for the iPhone X.

The initial introductory advert for Apple's flagship includes one strange clip spotted by Reddit user leo-g, then verified by 9to5Mac. When Apple gets to the bit bragging about the iPhone X's durable glass, it shows someone walking into the screen. Almost as if they're walking headfirst into a pane of glass.

It's the kind of thing that screams of internet users trolling the recent news with a fake mock-up. But check out this video, uploaded last September on the official Apple YouTube channel, at the eight second mark.

Yep, it's there in a real advert. Either it's a weird coincidence of reality mimicking one of Apple's outlandish marketing campaigns, or someone put it in there on purpose. Apparently construction regulators in Cupertino warned Apple that having glass walls in its building was likely to cause accidents. That was sometime last year, which means someone could have included mocking that idea.

Then again employees have been working inside the new headquarters for nearly a year, and it seems unlikely that they'd all suddenly develop a taste for walking into solid objects. It could just as easily be someone throwing this in because it happens often enough for people to see a trend. Maybe that durability remark doesn't apply to the iPhone X at all, and was actually a sly humblebrag about the many walls inside Apple that haven't shattered when some absent-minded employee stumbles into them?

The possibilities are endless. Unlike the customisation options on iOS. [Reddit via 9to5Mac]

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