Audible Support is Back on Sonos Speakers, For Real This Time

By Tom Pritchard on at

A couple of weeks ago Sonos prematurely posted a blog post announcing Audible support was returning to Sonos speakers, before promptly deleting it and denying that any plans were in place. Now, though, it's been confirmed that it's happening, with Audible support now rolling out to both the Sonos and Audible apps.

Those of you with good memories will remember that Audible used to be compatible with Sonos devices up until two years, when someone discovered the two had suddenly become incompatible somehow.  It was a little bit weird seeing as how Amazon's Music Unlimited Service had no such issues. Ever since Sonos's line is that it was working with Amazon to bring Audible back into the fold, but that there were no specific plans that could be announced. That continued after the premature announcement, even though it was obvious something big was happening behind the scenes. Now, finally, the curtain has been lifted and Sonos owners can finally listen to audiobooks from Amazon on their setups.

To celebrate the newly revived partnership, Amazon is offering Sonos users two free credits and a free copy of Miles Davis's autobiography Miles if they sign up for a 30-day Audible trial. Normally you'd only get one, which means anyone taking advantage will be entitled to two free audiobooks instead of just one. That information also leaked after the failed announcement, which just goes to show this arrangement has been in the works for quite some time.

The bad news is that Alexa and Audible aren't compatible on Sonos speakers. Not yet anyway, with Sonos promising that those features will arrive at some point in the future. It didn't specify when, but they said that about bringing back general Audible support as well. Here's hoping people don't have to wait another two years to control their audiobooks with their voice. [The Verge]

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