Aylesbury Gets its Interactive David Bowie Statue

By Gary Cutlack on at

A wildly successful crowdfunding campaign to install a statue of David Bowie in Aylesbury has finally come to its conclusion, with a selection of 1980s stars revealing the bronze image of the rock god this weekend.

And it's no normal lump of metal. This one plays songs every hour, marking the passing of time with a selection of the man's hits. It's also not just one statue, it's a greatest hits compilation of the man's various physical visages, with sculptor Andrew Sinclair combining smiling suited 80s/90s Bowie, semi-naked painted 70s Bowie, and the mysterious elder statesman Bowie of his later years into one huge action diorama.

All three are posing, right now and forever after, in Aylesbury, because legend has it that it was in Aylesbury that he first performed in the Ziggy Stardust persona, and that is therefore where there's the highest density of fans with the required enthusiasm to get a statue built. Hence the statue, which even has a name -- Earthly Messenger. He probably did a song called that. No idea. We're more into Take That here. [BBC]