Bentley SUV Goes Semi-Electric and Has a Philippe Starck Charger

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bentley wants in on the electric car scene of today, hence the creation of the Bentayga hybrid -- a plug-in version of its new SUV for the super posh.

It's a slightly odd idea for Bentley to do this, as people spending upwards of £200,000 on a car that's all about having a 3.0 litre V6 engine inside it probably won't want to spend too much time pottering about on full electric mode. Which is actually for the best, as the hybrid Bentayga only has a range of 31 miles when running under battery power alone. That's probably enough to get to Waitrose and the school, though.

Of added interest is Bentley's attempt to make all the boring cables and docks EVs and hybrids require seem interesting, by getting famed French designer of expensive things Philippe Starck in to help design the car's home charging dock. It's a glowing metallic sphere you can use to tell burglars there's a nice car usually parked here and additional expensive things in the house, like almost certainly a Nest thermostat. [Gear Brain]

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