Bowie Statue Vandalised Already

By Gary Cutlack on at

That needlessly interactive statue of Aylesbury's adopted son David Bowie has been painted over by angry folk who no doubt spend their time listening to garage mixtapes in studio flats that ironically used to be garages, with the message "feed the homeless first" sprayed in black paint around the homage's base; as if those donating money to have the statue built were presented with a two-option choice about where there money should go.

A team of volunteers is now giving bronze Bowie a soapy face wash to remove stuff off 70s starman's face, although it's going to be hard to get all the paint off the brick work. People being vox-popped about it are horrified and disgraced etc, as you might well have to be if asked. You can't very well say "Ha ha, I never liked his music much anyway apart from Heroes so don't really care" when someone from the BBC local news asks you what you think. [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter