Brighton Cheese Festival Branded a Cheeseless Shambles

By Gary Cutlack on at

The organisers of the Big Cheese festival in Brighton are facing the now familiar public backlash on social media, after attendees decided the ranges of cheese on offer weren't wide enough.

The event literally ran out of cheese, thanks to some stall holders being unable to attend due to the weather. Running to the newsagent to get some Dairylea Lunchables wasn't enough to stem the tide of internet criticism, with the BBC doing the work of collating angry tweets from people whose lust for cheese was not satisfied, and the likes of Tom Morgan saying: "Where's the cheese, the entertainment, the port... Everything you promised on your website. Atrocious behaviour -- everyone needs to report you."

Refunds of the £22 tickets are being offered, and if you have a spare hour the comments on the Big Cheese Festival's Facebook page make for enjoyable reading, with one visitor fuming that: "We decided to get a burger which had the shortest queue only to be told they were out of grated cheese so could not make cheesy fries." [BBC]

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