Cadbury Freddo Price Axed to 25p Each as Britain is SAVED

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yes, people power and perhaps even the (garden) gloved hand of Jeremy Corbyn has secured a victory for the common man and his equally common and obese child! The price of the Cadbury Freddo is about to be relaxed from its incendiary high of 30p each, with some frogs -- of the same size and recipe -- about to hit the shops with a printed-on, non-negotiable RRP of just 25p.

According to Cadbury this is the result of some non-specific cost savings made along the line, perhaps by using cheaper frogs from a different rainforest to provide the flavour, with the manufacturer explaining: "Following a full review of our Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo product portfolio we have found a way to reduce the PMP of Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo back to 25p and are happy to have been able to pass this saving on to customers."

PMP being industry speak for "price-marked packs," which is a bit of psychology they use to trick customers into thinking what they're about to buy must be an unmissable bargain, as the price has been printed on the packaging and you don't do something like that unless it is seriously for real. [Mirror]