Church of England Accepts Cashless Donations From the Clued-Up Elderly

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Church of England has done something very modern, announcing that it's now accepting contactless payments from today's bewildering array of digital accounts and providers should you wish to give thanks, financially speaking, when the man up front has finished spelling out his metaphor for being good and everyone's had a good old go at When A Knight Won His Spurs.

The CofE has opted to use payment processor SumUp to handle things, so all of God's 16,000 branches and franchises here on earth should soon be able to take SMS, virtual terminal and contactless payments, with the latter enabling the congregation to use both Apple Pay and Google Pay to throw a few decimal points' worth of change into the church fund, whether that's to pay for a new roof, refurbishment of the organ, or legal representation to fight historic allegations.

It's not just for post-prayers collections. The church does other things like fetes and christenings and the occasional unlicensed rave (times are hard), so it should make it easier for people to pay for their community events too.

Image credit: SumUp