Clarkson Choppered in to Host Rebooted Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Plain-speaking man of the people Jeremy Clarkson is about to return to the regular kind of television that normal people have displayed at the wrong aspect ratio on non-smart Alba screens in their living rooms, with the touring Amazon star convincing his internet bosses to let him do a stint on ITV stalwart Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?.

The former quiz show sensation is returning to terrestrial CRT screens later this year, but not for good. ITV is planning a week-long run of daily WWTBAM? shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the big money programme that Chris Tarrant made his own, with seven hour-long episodes scheduled to air before the summer. Only it's going to be quite a different experience with Clarkson doing the gentle prodding of contestants in place of kindly old Chris.

ITV's Siobhan Greene said of this joint return of two entertainment behemoths: "It felt like a no brainer to celebrate a show that was a trailblazer of its time and broke the mould. In doing this one off special week, I hope Millionaire will be introduced to a whole new generation. And with TV legend Jeremy Clarkson asking the questions, frankly anything could happen. I can’t wait."

You can apply to be on it now, if your recent success in getting to question four of HQ Trivia has boosted your confidence.  [Radio Times]

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