Currys to Stop Charging People for Turning Their Laptops on

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Currys/PC World/Carphone Warehouse conglomerate of everything electrical has apologised for one particular shady technique it's been guilty of using for years, with customers no longer finding themselves hit with setup fees of as much as £40 to have their new laptops booted up for a pre-purchase check.

Apparently some people don't like the joyful feeling of switching on a machine for the first time, so they tend to buy computers that have already been switched on and had their updates applied by someone in the shop. Currys also sells non-booted machines, but when only previously setup machines are in stock the chain charges £40 more for these because someone's gone through initial setup -- and doesn't explain that this step is optional.

Hence consumer champion Which? has a list of more than 100 people who've complained about being hit with this random setup charge when buying a computer from the group, to which a Currys/PCW boss spokesperson responded with: "We are sorry to hear that some customers have been charged for a Knowhow Laptop Setup service on their new machine when they did not request it. We are urgently re-briefing our stores now to remind them that, in the small number of cases where only pre-set up models are available, customers should not be charged for the service when they buy their laptop." [BBC]