David Attenborough Could be Breaking Out the Big Socks for Frozen Planet II

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sir David Attenborough might be about to front another big-budget BBC wildlife sequel on top of recent smash revivals Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, with a production job posting from the corporation's Natural History Unit asking for someone with a keen interest in cold things to help reveal "...the wonder and majesty of the frozen third of our planet."

Which clearly infers that a sequel to 2011's Frozen Planet is on the way, which will once again give Attenborough and the BBC a massive platform to harp on about environmental changes, especially as half the bits of ice he stood on in 2011 have probably melted away now and been served to us as coffee.

The job listing says the natural history team is likely to visit the Arctic, the Himalayas, Siberia and Antarctica in order to find the small pockets of ice that still remain out there, with the programme likely to air on the network in 2021. By which time Sir David will be 95. Presumably they'll get him to record his voice parts quite soon. Just, you know, in case. [The Times]