EE is Giving Londoners 1GB of Free Data

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are many reasons one may want live inside London, or as far away from its broken housing market as humanly possible. People who live there will tell you all about the amazing things that make the overpriced London lifestyle worth living, and now they have an extra piece of ammo to add to their smug. EE is giving Londoners 1GB of data absolutely free - just as long as they're already an EE customer.

The point is to celebrate the fact EE has been voted London's best mobile network by RootMetrics for five years running. Having paying customers helps it be less terrible than other networks, so it's giving them a little reward to say thank you. Because it's London's best network rather than, say, the south east, or Manchester, obviously you can't have it unless you live in the capital.

You have until 22nd March to claim your free gigabyte, which can go a long way if you use it sparingly. Or you can burn it up in an hour watching Netflix. Whatever you like, it's your data.

All you need to do is text London to 150 and EE will add the extra allowance onto your next billing cycle. Customers on contracts are the only ones that seem to be eligible, and provided they have an address within the Greater London area. So it looks like PAYG customers will be feeling left out, though it can't hurt to try. The same goes for any EE customers outside London, seeing as how the request text is free.

If you're feeling a bit down, because you don't live in an overpriced, over-polluted, overcrowded city, the good news is that RootMetrics has noted London's mobile services are actually pretty rubbish compared to other cities around the country. That'a on all networks, not just EE. If you want the best, head to Leicester, Leeds, Bradford, or Nottingham, and make sure to stay away from Bristol and Cardiff. [Alphr]

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