EE's Boosting Data Deals for PAYG Customers, Including New Mobile Broadband Plans

By Tom Pritchard on at

EE's decided it's going to do its Pay As You Go customers a solid, offering a few extra little perks that it says are designed to offer more flexibility, value, and control over how much money you're spending. That means new mobile broadband plans and data rollover on PAYG voice plans.

The new mobile broadband plans are available as 30-day packs, which offer up to 60Mbps download speeds, or 90-day packs which offer "EE's fastest 4G download speeds". EE seems to keep the upper limit of the 'fastest 4G speeds' close to its chest, but from what I can tell those speeds can theoretically go up to at least 90Mbps - provided you live in an area that has enough signal to support speeds that fast.

The 30 day plans offers 200MB of data for £1 and 2GB of data for £8. 90 day plans offer 6GB for £30, 10GB for £40, and 20GB for £60. That's certainly not cheap, which is presumably why EE is offering deals for people who continue to top-up their mobile broadband when they run out of time or data. Obviously the more you buy the more you save, and on the 30 day deals you can get 200MB for £2, 2GB for £7, 6GB for £15, 10GB for £19, and 20GB for £25. If you're a 90 day person, the add-on price is £17 for 6GB, £22 for 10GB, and £35 for 20GB.

On top of that, anyone consistently buying 6GB or more will get extra data added to their allowance, with EE's data boost. After the first and second add-ons you get 1GB thrown in free of charge, 2GB after the third and fourth, and 3GB from the fifth onward. You don't need the same pack every time, but obviously only if you keep your purchases above the 6GB minimum.

Moving on from mobile broadband is the data rollover for PAYG handset customers, making sure you don't lose any of the data you paid for but didn't use. Anyone who buys a 30 day £10 r £15 voice data pack is eligible, and from the looks of things your data will continue to rollover month after month - provided you don't use it all first. You don't need automatic renewal to take advantage of this either, but if you wait more than seven days after your old pack expired then you lose all the accumulated data.

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