Elon Musk's Next Boring Company Merchandise is Giant Lego-Style Bricks Made of Rock

By Tom Pritchard on at

Elon Musk's new merchandising underground tunnelling company, the Boring Company, is probably best known for selling wacky items that cost a lot of money because they have a logo on them. First came the hates, then came the glorified crème brûlée torches mislabelled as 'flamethrowers', and now Musk is selling giant interlocking bricks made from rock - Lego style.

It's hard to tell when Musk is joking at times, and I'm not sure how selling giant imitation Lego bricks made of rock is going to work - especially if he's planning on designing actual construction sets. But then again, he needs a way to get rid of all the debris his boring machines are churning out. Selling it off to consumers to help fund his crazy business ventures is much more fruitful than paying to have it disposed of, after all.

What I really want to know is whether the bricks will have the Boring Company Logo etched in, or will we have to use a sticker and try really, really hard not mess it up? Why doesn't Elon sell Boring Company stickers? Every other company has stickers that they include with their products, but I bet people will hand over wads of cash for a Boring version - especially if they're told that they're limited edition.

Also, why can't he figured out a way to ground up the debris and use it to 3D print other things. That way he can just blast it up to Mars and use it to build stuff. Maybe Elon Musk should hire me for all my amazing ideas, I'm wasted here at Giz. [TechCrunch]

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