Everything We Spotted in the Latest Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today we got to see a brand new trailer for the third (and perhaps most epic-looking) Avengers movie, Infinity War. That trailer is packed with action and adventure, and alien fights. It's a great trailer with a lot to digest, so obviously we went through it scene-by-scene to try and work out as much as we can about the film.

First, here's the trailer if you haven't seen it already:

First up we have the shot of New York City, which is upside down and rotating for some reason. You can see that orange thing in the background that looks to be something falling from orbit. There are two possibilities here, it's either Bruce Banner/Hulk or Thanos's ship.

This shot is carefully edited to make it look like Banner, Black Widow, and War Machine are looking up at the falling thing, but that's probably not the case. Black Widow has been on the run with Captain America since Civil War, so they wouldn't be hanging around with Team Tony's War Machine. This is probably later on in the film during the Wakandan sequence.

Here we have Dr Strange's Sanctum Santorum in New York, with a reflection of the falling object. To me that seems to confirm that it's Banner/Hulk, seeing as how we know he falls through Strange's roof early on in the film.

We saw this shot in the very first trailer, showing Thanos taking possession of the blue Space Stone and attaching it to the Infinity Gauntlet.

And now we have Thanos's adopted daughter Gamora, who's been narrating the opening sequences and telling us exactly what Thanos's plans are:

"The entire time I knew him, he only ever had one goal. To wipe out half the universe.

If he gets all the Infinity Stones he can do it with a snap of his fingers."

That's exactly what happened in the original Infinity Gauntlet comic. Thanos snapped his fingers and half of the universe's population was wiped out instantly. In that case he was trying to appease the manifestation of Death, whom he was in love with, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Some rumours speculated Death would be replaced by Cat Blanchett's Hela (Goddess of Death), but recent promo materials suggest Thanos is actually trying to restore order to what he perceives to be a chaotic galaxy. Apparently killing half of the people is the perfect way to do that.

Another edit to make it look like Tony and Gamora are talking, but this shot of him asking Thanos's name again is likely him talking to Banner inside the Sanctum. We know from previous trailers that this is where Tony ends up, seemingly around the time Thanos's ship reaches New York.

This obviously isn't the same place, because that looks like a space ship.

And here we have Thanos taking off his helmet in what looks like the Asgardian refugee ship he found during Ragnarok's post credit scene. The fact that he has the purple power stone and not the space stone means this has to be around then.

Following on from older scenes of Peter on the bus when the alien ship arrives, it seems his response was to climb out of the window and put on his mask while the bus was still moving. But what about all the kids on the bus?

It's difficult to see inside, thanks to the damn reflective windows, but it seems stupid for him to jump out and reveal himself to everyone in his school. Judging from past trailers that's the Queensboro bridge, so the school is heading into the city at the worst possible moment.

Another shot of the skyline, with the ship in plain view. You can still clearly see Avengers Tower in the background (just to the right of the ship) despite Tony having sold it. It's not clear who to, and it's too small to try and catch a glimpse in the trailer.

Tony is in pursuit of the alien ship, with his armour transforming his feet into a giant booster - presumably for extra speed and momentum to catch up and/or reach orbit safely. Since we know Spider-Man swings onto the outside of the ship at some point, it's likely that he's also pursuing to make sure Peter doesn't die.

While it's been confirmed that Tony's armour will be referred to as Bleeding Edge, like the nanite-based armour from the comics, it also seems to be taking some inspiration from the Model Prime armour that debuted in 2015's Invincible Iron Man comic. Model Prime was able to adapt to circumstance, and was essentially all of Tony's armours blended into a single suit.

Back in the Sanctum with a Hulk-shaped hole in the stairs, as Dr Strange performs the gesture that opens up the Eye of Agamotto...

... Revealing the green time stone within.

The voiceover here is Tony saying that there's one advantage: they have what Thanos wants and they're going to use them as bait. Obviously he wants the Infinity Stones, of which the humans have two.

Vision has the second, stored in his forehead. This shot seems to be in Wakanda, which means the attack we saw in the first trailer (that looked to be in Edinburgh) failed thanks to the actions of Captain America.

As I've noted in the past, promo artwork seems to reveal the order Thanos retrieves the Infinity stones. If that can be believed, it means Thanos gets the yellow Mind Stone fifth, after the orange Soul Stone and before the Time Stone.

Wakanda is going to be play a big role in this film, and likely the entire MCU going forward, and here we get to return to the capital city Birnin Zana.

It's still not entirely clear why Wakanda plays a big role, but theories have been rampant. Here is the opening shot of the Earth-bound heroes arriving, greeting T'Challa. As you can seen both Okoye and Ayo, prominent Dora Milaje members from previous films, are returning.

It seems that the whole Civil War thing might as well have not happened, seeing as how Team Cap and Team Tony have merged. Here we have Rhodey/War Machine (with a brace that seems to allow him to walk), Falcon, Banner, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Cap, and Black Widow.

Notice that Vision still has the yellow gem in his forehead, which lends credence to rumours that he was being brought to Wakanda for his protection. Or possibly to lead Thanos's army into a trap. If anyone can fight off the aliens, it's the vibranium-powered Wakandans.

Vision definitely has some role to play, seeing as how T'Challa's sister Shuri has a hologram of his head. Note the yellow veins running through his head, which seems to indicate that there's a big connection between the Android and the stone.

We've seen a shot of Vision clearly inured and seemingly without the Mind Stone in a previous trailer, which implies removing it won't kill him. It's not clear where this is though. My first guess was the Avengers compound, but it could also be Wakanda.

Here we see the Guardians of the Galaxy together as a (sort of collective), but it's clearly not the entire group.

Rocket and Groot aren't there, which means they've likely left with Thor on their side-quest. As for the location, the mining pod on the right seems to indicate this is Knowhere - the severed Celestial head where the Collector stored the red Reality Stone. Since the Guardians will know from Thor that Thanos is after the stones (if they didn't already), their best move would be to head off the mad titan and retrieve the Reality Stone before he can.

Now we finally get to see the Guardians later on, interacting with heroes from Earth - though this scene clearly takes place on the alien world from past trailers. That world has been confirmed as Thanos's home planet Titan, which was destroyed in some sort of cataclysm.

Tony's also clearly not happy being told his plan sucks.

As we can see, this conversation involves Spider-Man in most of his Iron Spider garb, and Drax.

Another point of note is that the trailer clearly show the Avengers split into two groups. With the exception of Banner, we never see them cross over which lead me to believe that the Wakandan scenes might well be taking place simultaneously with the scenes with Thanos.

Why Thanos is even on Titan is unclear, but my guess is that this may bewhere the Soul Stone is. We haven't seen a glimpse of it in previous films, and why would Thanos even be on Titan otherwise? Titan was destroyed by something, and tie-in comics reveal that the Soul Stone is the most dangerous Infinity Stone of all. Considering the Power Stone can literally rip worlds apart in an instant, that has to be some seriously bad stuff.

Unless, of course, this was a trap set by the Guardians and Tony using the Reality Stone as bait. As mentioned earlier, the promo material seems to suggest Thanos retrieves that third after all. But the Souls Stone is fourth on that same art, so maybe I'm right about both. We'll have to wait and see.

A new shot of the invasion of Wakanda, with the drop pods containing Thanos's Outrider armies in the distance and the combined forces of the Wakandan army, Dora Milaje, and Avengers heading out to see them off.

Judging from the shots, the battle is quite close to the city, so it's extra important that they don't let the invaders inside.

Bucky's got a new arm too, which he was missing in Black Panther's post-credit scene.

And now we have a shot of the brand new Hulkbuster, showing off just how different it is from the previous model. It's much sleeker, and golder than before.

Everything points to this armour being piloted by Banner, rather than Tony, who isn't turning into the Hulk for whatever reason. We know he does eventually, but in the meantime he has some tech-powered assistance.

This shot is fleeting, but it's clearly Thor who's gone back to wearing a full cloak after using a torn half-cloak in Ragnarok.

Rocket, seemingly in the same place, which is rumoured to be somewhere in the Dwarven realm of Nidavellir. Thor has supposedly come here to forge a new weapon to replaced the now-destroyed Mjolnir.

There's no doubt who this is, full cloak and all, with a lot of machinery around him. My guess is he's summoning lightning to help bond his own powers to Stormbreaker - the hammer he's building. That or the machinery needs power.

A shot of Teen Groot, who is rumoured to be providing the wood for Stormbreaker's handle.

Back on Titan, which is clearly when a bunch of people arrive. And not very smoothly, seeing as how that ship is crashing.

Here we have Thanos in full armour again, though this is definitely a flashback to both His and Gamora's past. It's different to armour we've seen him wearing in the past, even on the Asgardian ship, for whatever reason. It's possible this is his battle armour, while the garb he wore on Sanctuary in Guardians of the Galaxy et all is more ceremonial.

This is obviously when they first met, when Thanos's armies conquered her home planet and he killed her parents.

As he walks away with his future daughter/assassin/enemy, we get our best look at the Outriders that make up Thanos's army. He has Chitauri too, as seen in The Avengers, but these guys are clearly different. For starters they have four arms and what looks like prehensile feet.

This is probably at the start of the film, with Thanos squeezing Thor's head during his boarding of the Asgardian ship but (obviously) failing to kill him.

Finally! Our first look at The Black Order, Thanos's underling/possibly adopted children. On the left is spear-wielding Proxima Midnight, magic user Ebony Maw is in the middle, sceptre-loving Corvus Glaive on the right, and finally the big guy is Kull Obsidian.

This is still the Asgardian ship, where Loki is hiding with the Space Stone, as you can see the Order has wasted no time in wiping out the refugees to get what they want.

We've already seen Loki hold out the Tesseract, which houses the Space Stone, in previous trailers, and now we see Thanos destroy the container to reach the Infinity Stone within. Notice how he's not wearing the gauntlet, though, which is pretty weird.

Back to Wakanda, where we get to see Cap's new shield gauntlet. Images that were released recently also show that he had two of these, presumably a gift from T'Challa. He could probably do with washing his hair, though.

No this isn't a shot from The Phantom Menace, this is one of Wakanda's many defences trying to keep the Outrider armies out. Or at least slow them down, as we'll see later. That explosion seems to be on the wrong side, which suggests some of them are getting through and needed to be taken out.

Dr Strange joining the heroes on Titan, which means there's a definite reason why Thanos would be there. That said why Strange is there still isn't clear. He's helping out in the fight, though.

As you can see he's been creating magical stepping stones for Star Lord, who seems to have lost his jet boots somewhere.

And another shot of the two in frame together, and it's not exactly clear who they're fighting but we do get to see just how devastated Titan is.

Scarlett Witch here, and judging from the darkness and stone streets, my bet is on this being the night Vision is attacked in Edinburgh.

Strange here being tortured, in what seems to be the inside of a spaceship - presumably Thanos's ring ship from over New York. Note that those glass-like shards are the same ones used by Kaecilius and his minions in Strange's solo movie - indicating their magical nature.

Here we get to see the probably source, Ebony Maw who is a magic user himself. In fact, during the Infinity crossover from the comics Ebony Maw was specifically dispatched to take out any threat posed by the Sorcerer Supreme. He looks god damn creepy too, with a Bill Bailey haircut for some reason (he's got pretty neat slick-back hair in the comics).

Strange still has the Eye of Agamotto around his neck, though, so the purpose of the torture is unclear. It's possible that Thanos and Maw don't know how to open the eye and access the stone inside - provided of course that it can't simply be crushed like the Tesseract or Loki's Sceptre.

As we can see here, the Wakandan shield eventually falls and the Outriders get through.

And they're not fans of the Hulkbuster. This may be how and why Bruce transforms into the Hulk.

A newer shot of Thanos on Titan, showing a drastic difference in the quality of the effects since the first one.

The past few scenes have also come with a Thanos voice over:

"The end is near. When I'm done half of humanity will still exist. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

I hope they remember you"

He's clearly talking to Tony here, as he has been in the past few trailers. Tony himself isn't quite as upset, though he's clearly angry about something.

It could be because Thanos trashed his armour, or possible because of how badly he hurt Peter - who looked like he was going to die in Comic Con footage that still hasn't been made public.

And now Thanos is attacking someone, but it's not clear who. Probably Iron Man, or perhaps Drax who wants to kill him to avenger the death of his family.

The environment means the previous shot obvious isn't the same location as this one, but it does mean Thanos will be on Earth near Wakanda and he's going to fight Cap. Still only two stones here, so it's possible that this is before the fighting on Titan.

But seeing as how Thanos has the Space Stone, there's nothing stopping him from moving back and forth between the two locations to see how well his forces are doing in their quest for the remaining stones.

This is an even better representation of how much better Thanos looks, seeing as how he doesn't look like Bruce Willis fell into a vat of purple paint. He also seems pretty confused as to how Cap is holding up so well. This guy has the Power Stone, after all, but apparently that's not enough to trump super soldier serum.

Finally we get to see Peter meet up with Dr Strange, on what I'm assuming is the giant ring ship. It would explain how both of them got to Titan, after all.

The shot is strange because it makes Tom Holland (who is 5'8) look an awful lot shorter than he really is compared to Benedict Cumberbatch (6').

And Peter gets to point out how silly Strange's name is because it sounds like a codename. He may be a science genius, but he clearly never paid attention to famous medical doctors.

It also makes Strange come across as a bit of a dick (again) seeing as how he introduces himself as Dr Strange, not Stephen or Stephen Strange. Even Dr Stephen Strange would have been a bit nicer.

This shot also gives us quite a good look at the plate effect of the Iron Spider armour, which we haven't really been able to see until now.

Finally there's this: a shot of Peter getting to swing around debris on an alien planet. He is the luckiest teenager ever.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives in cinemas on 27th April, though there have been rumours it will arrive a day earlier on 26th.