Facebook's Local News Push is Being Expanded Worldwide

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back at the end of January Facebook announced it had a new tool in the war against fake news: local news. The aim is officially to get people more engaged in their local communities and what's going on around them in an attempt to deliver more "high quality content". That push was initially US-only, but now the global rollout is happening.

A global rollout was always planned, but Facebook never actually said when it would be happening. Now we know, and it means the news tab in the corner of your screen (provided you still have an account) will start displaying news from your local area rather than whatever Donald Trump tweeted out during his early morning Big Mac.

It means you should see more stories that you actually care about, rather than something that's going to have little effect on your day to day life. It should, in theory, lessen the impact of fake news stories that do manage to get past the measures Facebook has put into place to prioritise trustworthy news sources. Local focus means a smaller potential audience, and unless the story claims Jeremy Corbyn isĀ forming a cannibal sex cult in your neighbour's back garden it shouldn't spread that far.

Given what's been going on over the past week or so, though, it's not likely to win Facebook much good faith from the public. [Ubergizmo]

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