Google's Pointless Speaker Thing Offers Free UK Phone Calls Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

This whole talking-to-a-speaker bullshit is perhaps about to be of some use, to some people, maybe once a year, as an update to Google's Home and Home Mini smart speakers has unlocked free voice calls to UK homes and businesses.

So if you have some stupid, expensive speaker in your house that you talk to like a friend or the mummified corpse of your mother, you should be able to call humans to speak with by saying "Hey Google, call..." and then say the name of the contact or business. Then say it again. Then say it again. Then say it again and maybe it'll work, with Google Assistant able to pull business details in from Google Maps and access your contacts list to get the numbers.

It doesn't need to be paired with a phone to do any of this, as it's all magically conducted through Wi-Fi and your Google account somehow. It sounds harder than using a telephone, but there you go. That's the modern world for you. More complicated, needing setting up, likely to not work, but... better? [Android Central]

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