Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream is Now a Thing, Courtesy of Lidl

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you think about it a hot cross bun is basically just a bread roll with raisins and copious amounts of sugar, plus a cross in the middle because they're somehow related to Jesus. It's not really the sort of thing I always considered as having a particularly distinctive taste, but clearly some people disagree. They've gone and made some sort of blasphemous amalgamation that's resulted in Lidl's hot cross bun-flavoured ice cream.

The new flavour was announced at the tail-end of last week, and is described as "luxury dairy ice cream made with British double cream and whole milk, swirled through with cinnamon sauce and juicy raisins." So basically it's cinnamon and raisin ice cream, which isn't exactly hard to come by. Still if you want something with a special Eastery or Christian theme, this might be worth picking up for yourself.

The 480ml tubs cost £2 a piece, and are available right now. With this being Lidl and everything, the hot cross bun ice cream isn't a permanent bit of stock. Instead it's only available while it's available, and once the shop runs out you're out of luck. Hopefully, for those desperate to try it for themselves, it'll still be around close to Easter.

And if you want to make it extra special, you can toast up some actual hot cross buns and serve them up with a scoop of this.

Image: Jan Smith/Flickr

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