How to Watch Apple's Education Event This Afternoon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is a special day that only comes up a few times a year. It's the day that Apple will throw a bunch of executives on stage to announce new products, alongside their rather large price tags. It's a big deal, because Apple is a big deal, and everything they announce needs to be documented, analysed, and published so we can finally stop paying attention to the old rumours and listen to brand new ones for the next several months.

If you've paid attention to past Apple events, you're probably expecting a live stream to watch the announcements as and when they happen. Surely today is no different? That's where you're wrong, kiddo, because Apple isn't doing the whole 'livestream' thing this time around. Why? Because fuck you that's why.

Well fuck us, because it makes our job a lot harder and we have to talk about Apple stuff. If only because regular people like reading about Apple stuff for a variety of reasons.

For those of you upset you won't be able to see Tim Cook's lovely face on stage, there is a ray of hope. Apple will be publishing a video of the entire event once it's over. That might be for the best, because it means you can watch everything get announced and skip all the fluff about how many phones have been wrecked by iOS 11 compared to the number of phones running Android Oreo. It also means none of you will be forced to open Safari or Microsoft Edge to tune in.

We'll still be paying attention to bring you the best and most important news from Apple's Education event, so pay attention to the Giz homepage. In the meantime, since there's nothing to watch in here, here's a compilation video of dogs on skateboards.