HQ Trivia is Switching to Pounds From Tonight

By Kim Snaith on at

If you're anything like we here at Giz UK, then for the last month or so, you've scheduled your life around HQ Trivia. Want to meet up with a friend for coffee at 3pm? Sorry, can't. HQ time. An evening out with the family? Sure, just as long as I'm home for 9pm for HQ.

And even though the live trivia game that rewards winners with real cold, hard cash has been officially in the UK since February, the payouts have still been in US dollars, with a standard prize pool of $750. Not anymore. As host Sharon Carpenter announced at the beginning of today's 3pm game, from tonight onwards, the prize will be in GBP. Pound sterling. Quids.

We're not quite sure what the new jackpot will be, though. We'll have to wait and see during tonight's 9pm game. Considering that $750 converts to just over £530, rounding it down to a £500 jackpot seems quite likely. Whatever the case, it's nice to see it finally fully localised. God save the queen, and all that.