HQ Trivia's Disappeared from the App Store Amidst Controversy Over A Winner

By Tom Pritchard on at

HQ Trivia is the latest app fad, with millions of players across the world tuning into live shows to try and win themselves some real money. The app has been available in the US since late last year, and launched a UK-centric show back in January. The Giz UK staff tune in a lot, but so far none of us have managed to win. Our ignorance of obscure football facts really lets us down.

But aside from the questions driving us up the bend, there's a new controversy. Last night was the US show's weekly mega jackpot, with a whopping $25,000 dollars up for grabs and the controversy arose because the eventual winner was kicked out of the game and the prize remained unclaimed.

All the @HQTrivia Twitter account would say is this:

If the responses to that tweet are to be believed, the winner had been using a jailbroken phone in clear violation of HQ's terms and conditions. Apparently the winner posted a screenshot of his phone and someone noticed the clock was displaying seconds - something you can only apparently do on an iPhone if you've jailbroken the device. It was suggested that he'd been using bots to win HQ Trivia and similar games, and screenshots have shown the alleged bootee bragging about that in the past. Sadly as his tweets are now protected, I can't go and verify that for myself.

Interestingly this coincided with the app disappearing from the iOS App Store, which we had resident Apple snob (and Giz UK Editor) James O'Malley verify for us. As far as I can tell it is still available in Google Play. Some reports claim it's back on the App Store, but it's unclear whether or not this was done by apple, the developers, or whether it was simply a mistake.

In any case next Sunday's US game is now a whopping $50,000, which should be going to a single winner. I never got a notification about last night's game, but when that much money is on the cards HQ is usually kind enough to let people all around the world try their luck. Provided, of course, that they're up a 2am. [Business Insider]

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