If the Snow Wasn't Bad Enough, KFC is Now Suffering From a Gravy Shortage

By Tom Pritchard on at

KFC hasn't been having the best time of it lately, what with all the issues they had with chicken shortages last week. Now, though, there's another crisis looming, and it's not the snow keeping everyone away from stores to order a bargain bucket. It's actually having to deal with a gravy shortage.

750 of KFC's 900 UK branches are having to deal with the shortage, and while it claims 95 per cent of them are open the distribution issues mean some of them have been forced to offer a "reduced menu". It was bad enough that a chain best known for its chicken managed to run out of chicken, but now the gravy? You can't have KFC without gravy, it's like eating chicken without skin, or drinking too much and not having a kebab afterwards.

A spokesperson for KFC said:

"Due to the ongoing distribution challenges DHL is experiencing, some restaurants are continuing to serve a reduced menu. We're working as hard as we can to get this sorted out. We know that our gravy is a big favourite!"

Evidently the whole problem is still down to the fact KFC switched its distribution to DHL, who went and fucked the whole thing up. Trade union GMB weighed in with their opinion for some reason, claiming it tried to warn KFC about the consequences of switching from its old supplier Bidvest, Apparently Burger King has had similar problems with DHL (though clearly not on the same scale), and GMB denounced the logistics company saying:

“We tried to warn KFC this decision would have consequences—well now the chickens are coming home to roost. Bidvest are specialists—a food distribution firm with years of experience. DHL are scratching around for any work they can get, and undercut them.”

While KFC says most of its restaurants have gravy in stock, if you suddenly find yourself without the little bowls of brown goop (or that you've not been given enough), The Daily Meal has a copycat recipe that you can use to make your own. That way you don't have to suffer the prospect of dry chicken. [Newsweek]

Image: Calgary Review/Flickr

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