It Looks Like Audible Support is Heading Back to Sonos

By Tom Pritchard on at

Audible is probably the most popular audiobook service out there, and Sonos has made a pretty good name for itself in the smart/multi-room industry. So it's been disappointing to find that the two have been incompatible for a while. Luckily it probably won't be that way for long, because Sonos accidentally announced it early.

Anyone with a long enough memory will remember that Sonos devices used to support Audible, but a few years ago there was apparently some sort of incompatibility issue with an update that meant the service had to be pulled. An issue that was never seemingly fixed, despite Sonos promising it had been working with Audible to solve the issue last February. Slashgear noted that it's got to the point where the Sonos forums are now home to a 23-page thread of people complaining about it.

Earlier today, however, Sonos published a blog post announcing the resurgence of Audible support. Unfortunately Sonos deleted that blog post claiming it had been published by accident. According to a statement made by the company to Android Police, it's still working on restoring Audible support to its products but there's nothing to announce yet. The blog post also coincided with Audible offering two free credits for Sonos owners when they sign up to a 30-day trial. That means they could claim two free audiobooks instead of the usual one. Sadly the offer page has also been removed, but not before Android Police was able to sign up and claim the free credits.

While that's bad news for anyone desperate to listen to Audible books on their Sonos system, the fact that someone at the company bothered to write up a blog post, and sort out some sort of deal with Amazon, means renewed support can't be that far away. There's no timeframe that we know of, but it's coming. [Android Police via Slashgear]

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