Jeremy Clarkson Denies the Grand Tour Will be Cancelled After its Third Series

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember back when Clarkson was at the BBC, and the tabloids always seemed to be reporting he was inches away from being fired and Top Gear would be cancelled with him? Just because he;'s left the BBC doesn't mean those types of rumours will continue to circulate, because a report from the Daily Mail is claiming that The Grand Tour is set to be cancelled after its upcoming third series.

Obviously the second series has only just concluded, so work on the third series is barely underway. That hasn't stopped sources allegedly telling the paper that "there is nothing to suggest they are going to do another [series of The Grand Tour],” and that "no one has signed anything and employees are wondering where everyone will go once filming wraps.”

Which all sounds like bullshit if you ask me. How many TV series would be renewed for a fourth or even fifth series before the third series had even begun filming? Having invested a lot into TV shows that inevitably get cancelled, I recall all those announcements happening at the end of the series' current production run - meaning any Grand Tour cancellation news wouldn't be happening until around this time next year. Streaming is different, but it's not that different.

Apparently Amazon representatives have downplayed these rumours, saying, "The team have only just finished series two and have not begun filming series three yet - so it's too soon for any decisions to have been made." Producer Andy Wilman also told the Mail tat the team was “focusing on series three at the moment,” while Clarkson himself took to Twitter to deny the rumours - although he masked it behind an insult against Mail on Sunday editor Geordie Greg.

So it's a good idea to not believe everything you read without thinking about it. Given how much Amazon has invested in The Grand Tour and the positive reception it has had from audiences and (most) media outlets, it's not likely to go anywhere. At the very least that's the sort of decision that won't be made for a while.

In the meantime Jeremy Clarkson has just signed on to be the new host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, which should help him pay for some more fancy overpriced cars to add to his collection. [Mirror]

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