Lego Promises to Start Using Sustainable Plant-Based Plastics This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lego is finally planning to start doing something about the masses of plastic it introduces to the lovely old world each year, with 2018 set to see the first "sustainable" Lego pieces brought into its sets.

It will start, appropriately enough, by making some of the green plant and tree pieces from its new form of plastic, a material it says is created from the sugar cane plant somehow and is therefore much better for everyone involved than its current blended oil creations.

Lego's environmental matters VP Tim Brooks said: "At the LEGO Group we want to make a positive impact on the world around us, and are working hard to make great play products for children using sustainable materials. We are proud that the first LEGO elements made from sustainably sourced plastic are in production and will be in LEGO boxes this year. This is a great first step in our ambitious commitment of making all LEGO bricks using sustainable materials."

The company has set itself the generous deadline of the year 2030 for making the bulk of its sets from sustainable materials. [Lego via Business Green]