Lego Tops the List of Britain's Top Brands, But Google and Amazon Have Dropped Off the Top 20

By Tom Pritchard on at

Every year a list gets published. Not just any list, this a list documenting the consumer culture we live in by ranking well known brands on a variety of factors. This year is no different, and the top spot has been claimed by none other than the Lego company.

1,500 companies were in the running the coveted place in the top 20, with the whole thing being determined by a survey from Superbrands. 2,500 participants got involved, ranking each company based on quality, reliability and distinction. Lego rising from second place to claim the top spot comes just after the company celebrated its 60th anniversary, closely followed by well known brands Gillette, Apple, Andrex, and Coca-Cola.

Gillette rose three places to claim second place and Apple rose six spots to slide into third, though some brands have had the misfortune of dropping out of the top 20 altogether. British Airways came out on top last year, but has since plummeted off the top 20 into obscurity. Similarly Google and Amazon, which took 18th and 19th place last year, are nowhere to be found. But as those three leave, others climb and return to the list. Disney makes its first appearance on the list since 2013, claiming 6th place as its own, also joined by Heathrow Airport in 16th.

Superbrands chairman Stephen Cheliotis said:

"British Airways tumbling from top spot to outside of the top 20 should be a wake-up call for all brands. In a world where customer expectations have rightfully risen, brands cannot afford to disappoint and need to continually deliver to retain their valuable reputations. No brand, however strong, is immune to changing consumer sentiment."

BA obviously didn't have a great year last year, what with the computer meltdowns cocking up travellers' holiday plans, strikes, and the fact that it decided to stop giving passengers free food on short haul flights in favour of charging them £4.95 for a cheese and mushroom toastie. Who the hell puts mushroom in a toastie anyway?

At least they've disabled reclining in the cheap seats, which means you won't have your limited leg room taken up by a fat businessman who's upset he couldn't fly in first class on the company dime. [Telegraph]

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