LEGO's Just Unveiled the Upcoming Tron: Legacy Set

By Tom Pritchard on at

What would life be like without LEGO Ideas? We'd have to live in a world without the LEGO DeLorean, the original Ecto-1, or the TARDIS, and that's a reality that I wouldn't want to visit. Despite the fact the official idea judging only takes place a handful of times each year, LEGO still handpicks some sets to release throughout the year. The latest is a brickified rendition of Tron: Legacy.

It's a fairly basic set by Ideas standards, which usually involve grand spectacular sets with thousands of pieces that take a while to get through. The Tron set has 230 pieces and includes two buildable lightcycles, three minifigures (Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzler/Tron), plus a display stand. The lightcycles even have a piece that mimics the trail left by the ones in the Tron films.

The set design comes from Tom and Drew, who go by BrickBros UK on the Ideas website. Since LEGO is doing the usual launch event, where the set creators can meet fans and sign boxes, that means it's actually going to be in the UK for once. The Leicester Square flagship store in London will host the event on 29th March between 4pm and 7pm.

That also gives attendees the chance to purchase the set early, since the official release date is 31st March. It only costs £30 too, so it's definitely not one of those sets you need to mull over trying to decide whether you can justify spending the money.

You can read more, and see more images, over on the LEGO store website.

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