Lidl's Backwards Umbrella Folds in on Itself

By Gary Cutlack on at

Forget all these apps we don't need and technical solutions to problems that don't even exist, here's something the country and world as a whole really needs — an entirely new kind of umbrella.

It's the Lidl Topmove Reverse-Folding Umbrella, an idea someone had, then contracted a company in China to make a few thousand of, then... here we are. £8.99 with an on-sale date of March 22 in Lidl's non-food fun-part if you want one, with a promise that this innovative weather shield system can offer holders advanced protection from all levels of skyfall.

Here it is in action:

The problem this invention seeks to solve is that of rain drops sliding onto the user when traditional umbrella devices are folded away, something this reverse fold system defeats by containing the drips within the folds of its reverse sarcophagus. This might create a stale water mould hazard, but presumably that's a risk worth taking if two seconds of mild dripping is the current bane of your life. [Lidl]