Lobster Telephone Blocked from Leaving the Country

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the 11 Lobster Telephones created by artist Salvador Dali has had an export ban placed on it, with art enthusiasts worried that its forthcoming sale may see the object leave the country, rendering the lobster telephone extinct within the UK.

It's a white version of Dali's vision that's currently the last model remaining in the country, and it's here where the 11 phones were originally commissioned by poet Edward James in 1938. This one has a price tag of £853,047 plus VAT attached to it, so that's how much money some UK-based organisation, gallery or art enthusiast has to find before an export license decision is made in June.

Maybe if it had a screen on it modern people might be a bit more likely to want to keep it. Stupid Dali. [GOV]