Mark Zuckerberg Continues to be Earth's Most Sought-After Man, With Public Interview Request From Jon Snow

By Tom Pritchard on at

Mark Zuckerberg is going to be a busy man with all the public speaking requests he's been getting over the past few days. Not only are the US and UK governments trying to pull him in for questioning over the Cambridge Analytica data-harvesting scandal, he's getting bombarded with interview requests as well.

The latest of those requests comes from none other than Jon Snow, the journalist and lead anchor at Channel 4 News not the fictional character famed for his ignorance.

Channel 4 News, as you may recall, was one of the three media companies (alongside the Observer/Guardian and New York Times) that helped break the initial story that kicked off the situation Zuck currently finds himself in.

Channel 4 News was also solely responsible for the undercover videos that recorded Cambridge Analytica's CEO bragging about how the company was responsible for Donald Trump's entire digital campaign, and took credit for getting him into office. Amongst other things, of course. So if anyone should be worthy of the Facebook CEO's attention it's them.

But rather than asking in private, behind closed doors where Facebook can ignore the request, Channel 4 went and made the whole thing public by posting Snow's interview request letter on Twitter:

As you can see, Snow hasn't been too kind to Zuckerberg in the past, particularly following Facebook's involvement in the spread of fake news and false information during the run up to the 2016 US presidential election. He also points out that Facebook initially refused to accept responsibility for the scandal, before backtracking and seemingly trying to downplay the severity and number of people involved.

So Snow and Channel 4 News want to give Zuckerberg the chance to respond properly, which isn't too much of an ask. Mashable points out that he's already given interviews to CNN, Recode, Wired, and the New York Times, all of which are American media companies and only one of whom was involved in the initial story.

While everyone seems to want to talk to Mark Zuckerberg right now, there are a few people who deserve more of his attention. Jon Snow and Channel 4 News are amongst them, and Zuckerberg wants to regain some public trust the least he could do is oblige.

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