Massive Moon Gets the Kids Excited About Church

By Gary Cutlack on at

Children! Laughing and having fun! Excited about being in a church! This impossible scene has been brought to life thanks to the combined foresight of artist Luke Jerram and the operators of Leicester Cathedral, who have come together to put a huge, realistic model of the moon in the front bit of the big church where the boring man usually stands.

Jerram's massive moon looks ever-so-slightly out of place resting above the nave of the cathedral, and there will surely be letters in the wobbly hand of the elderly written to local newspapers about such a scientific desecration. However, it might be worth it in the long run, as it's part of events surrounding British Science Week — so it might just inspire a six-year-old to pay more attention in school and become the next Stephen Hawking, seeing as we now find ourselves one genius short.

The seven-metre moon has been built from NASA imagery so ought to be correct in scale and crater positioning, with the internally illuminated globe offering viewers the rare chance to see around the back of it for once. [BBC]