McDonald's Offers Newcastle Mums a Three-Course Mother's Day Meal Spectacular

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mums in the Newcastle area are in for an extra special treat this Sunday, thanks to one local branch of McDonald's offering a posh, three-course, sit-down-with-cutlery, burger-based treat for £10 a head.

The Northumberland Street branch of the restaurant in the city centre is pretty sure it's on to a winner with this, as it's doing three sittings; one at 12:30pm, another at 2:00pm, plus an early bird special at 11:00am if you have the sort of mother who's likely to be happy eating a burger in a shop window at 11 o'clock in the morning. We're not judging here -- a cheap mother could save thousands over the course of a lifetime.

The McDonald's Mother's Day menu has been acquired by the investigative team at the Mirror, which suggests there's quite a lot of choice on offer for the £10 head cost, although if you choose, say, carrot sticks for a starter, a burger for the main and a branded ice cream for pudding, it'd work out cheaper to buy the lot outside of this special deal.

However, the promotional video on Facebook suggests this deluxe Mother's Day experience includes a table cloth and a knife and fork, so if you fancy eating a burger in an extremely posh manner it might be worth investing the extra three quid. [Facebook via Chronicle]

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