Microsoft is Giving Away the First Episode of Superman Prequel Krypton Absolutely Free

By Tom Pritchard on at

DC seems to love its television prequels, and the latest addition to the roster is Syfy's Krypton. While most people might have wondered why we needed yet another Superman prequel, it turns out the series is quite good. While the series has started airing in the US, there doesn't seem to be any news of who will be broadcasting it here in the UK. While it's almost guaranteed to be Sky, nothing's been announced which means we're missing out on the legitimate consumption methods.

Or are we? Not for the pilot episode at least, since Microsoft is just giving it away. All you need to do is headover to the Krypton page on the Microsoft store, ignore the $25 season pass and scroll down to the first episode. Instead of charging $3, you can stream it without paying a penny. All it takes is the click of your mouse.

This offer is only available on the American store page, but I've just checked it against my UK-centric Microsoft account and was able to download it without any issues. Since Microsoft's stores don't automatically redirect based on your location, you don't even need a VPN or proxy to get to the right place.

Oh, and you will need a Microsoft device to watch it, which means Windows 10 or an Xbox One. [OnMSFT]

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