Morrisons Launches "Mum Only" Checkouts to Make Shopping Easier for Her on Mother's Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket Morrisons has got a great Mother's Day present for the suffering woman who agreed to sire you a child -- special "mums only" checkout queues on Sunday so she can wrestle the shopping home a bit quicker.

Morrisons says this is good and not sexist because women often end up doing all the boring chores themselves anyway, even on their hallowed special pink day. Branches across the country are in on the scheme, so once dad has done his bit in the morning by making her a cup of tea, and the kids have been ordered to draw her a rubbish card on the back of a bank statement, mum can then enjoy the special treat that is getting home a bit quicker with the shopping.

Not that she wants to get home. She probably likes being out of the house. She can buy a coffee and a cake and sit in the in-store cafe and pretend she's single for 20 minutes, before it's back to the reality of the 56-plate silver Skoda Octavia in the car park and home to dad, who probably also enjoyed having an hour to himself so he can listen to Public Enemy and use the coffee machine properly. [Bridgwater Mercury]

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