Mozilla's Latest Firefox Extension Will Stop Facebook Tracking Your Browsing Habits

By Tom Pritchard on at

Facebook doesn't just peek at what you're doing on its own platform, but that isn't exactly news. It's been known for ages that Facebook uses tracking cookies to peek at your browsing habits, but in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal there's more demand to stop Mark Zuckerberg collecting large quantities of data.

So Mozilla has released a brand new extension for Firefox that forces Facebook into its own little sandbox. While Facebook Container doesn't stop third party apps from accessing your data once you've approved them, it does mean Facebook can't spy on your browsing habits while you're logged in.

It works by logging you into Facebook in its own container, and that stops the site from most of its snooping. Of courseĀ if you use Facebook's share button the new links will be opened up within the container meaning Facebook gets an extra bit of data about what you're doing. The container also means you won't have access to Facebook on sites outside of the container, so you won;t be able to comment, like, or log into apps and services using your Facebook account.

Mozilla makes it clear that Facebook Container can do a lot, but it can't stop Facebook mishandling data it already has nor can it prevent the company from any new data you willing handover on the site. But the only way to avoid that is delete your account in its entirety, and that might not be possible for some people. Fortunately there are ways to minimise the amount of data Facebook can collect.

The major downside to Facebook Container is that this extension was developed by Mozilla, which means it's currently a Firefox exclusive. Anyone using Chrome, Opera, Safari, or whatever else will have to find other ways of ensuring Facebook can't keep tabs on all the smut they're watching. [Mozilla via TechRadar]

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