MPs Tell Carmakers to Pay to Clean up the Air

By Gary Cutlack on at

A joint report by loads of government committees had a big old groupthink about air quality issues, and decided it's mostly the problem of the motor industry, and would like some future "Clean Air Act" legislation to force carmakers to help fund the nation's various air quality initiatives.

This would take the form of a "clean air fund" that would be topped up by the transport industry, plus the MPs would like the carmakers to speed up the eradication of petrol and diesel engines to make the UK's forecourts free of new combustion engines before the previously announced 2040 deadline.

Health and social care committee chair Andrew Selous said: "Action must be taken to combat this national health emergency. Our report calls for the health sector to play a more vocal role in tackling air pollution at a national and local level, and for a national information campaign to provide clear messages about the risks of air pollution to the public."

The political brains also recommend the launch of a new national scrappage scheme to speed up the replacement of old motors, combined with a fresh push to promote public transport to pull some people out of the car ownership rut altogether. [Parliament via City AM]