Netflix Creates it Own Font to... Save Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

Netflix has created a font all of its own — Netflix Sans — and one of the reasons why might make you say "oh, that's interesting" and have a little think about what goes on behind the scenes of our beloved media giants.

The font is for brand identity purposes first and foremost, obviously, as every major corporation wants everything to look tidy and uniform these days. However, Netflix Sans's lead designer Noah Nathan from digital typesetter Dalton Maag seems to have been told there's a secret second reason for its existence — saving the streaming company from paying millions of pounds in font licensing fees.

Apparently, in things we learned literally three minutes ago and are now telling everyone like we were born knowing it, some font creators charge for the use of their lettering using a sliding scale that tracks the number of impressions it receives. So a company everyone looks at all the time like Netflix might end up with a massive bill simply for... using a font.

Hence Netflix Sans to the rescue, which unifies the appearance of the streaming giant's pages, keeps the accountants happy, and is boring enough to be readable on even the smallest of displays. [Noah Nathan via It's Nice That]