Netflix is on its Way to Sky Subscribers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A high power meeting of people who put television in the faces of the world has resolved one of the biggest content delivery woes of our times -- how to get Netflix on Sky. Soon it will happen. A deal has been done to allow a Netflix app to run on the satellite broadcaster's Sky Q boxes, bringing the online service's delights to the UK's masses.

There will be a new Sky subscription bundle appearing later this year containing Netflix access via a Sky Q app, with both parties promising the full collection of Netflix material will be made available through the set-top box. So that's Spotify, BT Sport and now Netflix coming to Sky subscribers on its most elite hardware and costliest subscription tiers, which should keep the people happy and contentedly staring at the big screen for a few more years.

It's not going to be hidden away, either. Netflix content will appear in the Sky Q menu and on its main page, which gives the slightly odd impression that Sky is actively promoting a rival service that would one day like to put it out of business; although it won't be coming to the boxes of normal Sky+ users, but will appear within the NOW TV menus.

It's all a bit complicated. Can we not go back to having three channels, two of which are displaying Ceefax for most of the day? [SKY]